Our Farmers

5 Acres is a small Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) farm located in Pleasant Plains, Arkansas. The CNG designation means that they don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). Founded in 2009 by Brandon Gordon, the farm offers quality, sustainable produce, grown by people who are passionate about what they do.

Alpha Omega Veteran’s Farm is a 1.5 acre farm located on Ball Road in Memphis. Designed to engage and meet various needs of the veterans served by Alpha Omega Veterans Services, the urban farm is Certified Naturally Grown, Good Agricultural Practices Certified and certified Homegrown by Heroes.

Delta Grind is a purveyor of processed corn products located in Water Valley, Mississippi. Owned and operated by Julia Tatum, Delta Grind's primary approach is all about the sourcing of local, high quality, sustainably grown corn. She follows that up by processing her corn products in small batches, bagged to order. You can find her products in restaurants all over the Mid-South. 

Future Visions Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Whitlock, TN specializing in fresh market vegetables, grain production, and erosion control products.

Green Leaf Learning Farm is the only USDA-Certified Organic farm in Memphis. The farm sits on ¾ of an acre in a zip code with one of the highest poverty rates in the country. The vision of a young African American pastor, the farm was intended to yield just enough crops to keep the surrounding church community food-secure. Today, it produces some of the highest quality produce in the region and is a top seller at farmer’s markets around the city.

 occupies 1200 acres in Perryville, AR. Affiliated with Heifer USA, it is the largest of our partner growers – a Certified Organic working farm whose mission includes training small farmers across the region in sustainable farming techniques.  

Jones Orchard located in Millington, Tennessee, has been providing homegrown peaches and other fruit to Memphis and the Mid-South for over six decades.

Little Acre Farm

Lockard’s Produce, located in Ripley, TN, is one of a few Certified Naturally Grown farms in the area. It is also one of a small number of woman-owned and operated farms in Tennessee. Debra Lockard is a third generation African American farmer and educator dedicated to providing the most vulnerable populations in the region with fresh, healthy foods.

Lor's Produce Zong Vue’s father started this family owned and operated farm in 1984 in Middleton, TN after immigrated to the United States as a refugee from Laos. They were sponsored by a Tennessee family who opened their home to them and helped them get established in a brand new environment but his father found he did not make enough money in the factory to support his family.  As the elder Mr. Vue was a rice producer in Laos, he turned to farming for supplemental income. From there he worked hard to establish a family farm of his own that produces over 90% of its produce on site. Today, Mr. Vue is 94 years old and still farms his land.

Money Farm, owned and operated by Nick Money and located just outside of Bradford, Arkansas, is one of the newer farms in our network. Having retired without the ability to slow himself down, Nick has been building up his farmer chops for several seasons now, and likes focusing his energy on alliums, squashes, root crops, and greens. 

Sandy Ridge Sweet Potato Farm, located near Senatobia, Mississippi, is owned and operated by the Murphree family. They help supply the Mid-South and surrounding areas with orange, white, and purple sweet potatoes practically year-round. 

The Produce Tribe is a black owned/operated farm that was started in 2017 by Matthew Robinson on land that has been in his family for 4 generations. Matthew is an alumnus of Tuskegee University where he obtained Bachelor and Master’s degrees in plant and soil science. After graduating, he worked for the University Cooperative Extension where he educated small farmers in the blackbelt communities of Alabama before coming home to relaunch the family farm. In addition to their Downtown Farmer’s Market clientele, the Produce Tribe supports a large market community in South Memphis.

Two Brooks Farm is a family run farm located in the northern portion of the Mississippi Delta, just outside the small town of Sumner. Owned and operated by the Wagner family, Two Brooks focuses their operation on efficiency, sustainability, and community support.

Wells Farm

Winchester Farm is a chemical-free produce farm near Whiteville, TN. Owned by Peter Schutt, who also owns Curb Market, the farm produces more than 60 varieties of seasonal, sustainable produce. Formerly ‘Certified Organic’, they dropped the certification due to the high cost and intense paperwork attached to the designation. Still, they do not use any herbicides and no pesticides that are not organic.

Yia's Produce Yia Lor's family farm is in Middleton, TN and he has been vending at the Farmer's Market for more than 5 years.  He grew up on a farm in Laos and moved to America in the 1980s.  Yia enjoys interacting with his customers as well as the other farmers at the market.