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Summer CSA Shares Available Soon!

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Our goal is to bring you an ever-changing array of the freshest local produce, grains, proteins, and more, while helping support the best growers the Mid-South and Memphis area have to offer.

"CSA" stands for Community Supported Agriculture and has been a centerpiece of the market farm economy for decades now. Essentially, CSA programs offer customers upfront, guaranteed access to a set number of rotating weekly offerings each "season" (most seasons will run for 8 consecutive weeks, and we'll offer multiple seasons every year), called shares. In our case, each share will be sourced from multiple local farms, ensuring them a steady revenue stream. In turn, our customers will receive an ever-changing array of any and every crop available through our network of growers, all packed fresh and distributed to you weekly.

Summer CSA Share Types:

  • Summer CSA, Standard Share 
  • Summer CSA, Large Share
  • Breakfast Box 
  • Dinner Box 
  • "Good Neighbor" Donated Share

* Breakfast and Dinner Boxes are distributed on alternating weeks, with Breakfast Boxes starting week 1 distribution.

      Before you finalize your selections, please consider that the number of food-insecure people in Memphis has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, with many across the city still struggling. Be a Good Neighbor and buy a share for donation. It can be someone you know or a complete stranger that we'll locate using various non-profit partners to identify families and individuals in need. We will deliver to their doorstep free of charge and discount your Good Neighbor purchase by 10%, just use discount code GOOD10 during checkout. Good Neighbor shares are for donation purposes only. To purchase your own share, pick from one of our other options

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      Summer CSA Share coming in soon!